About the Artist

Educated as a chemist, for many years Merridee viewed and experienced the world as a scientist. Science and art require similar attributes in her view, including an appreciation for the wonder of the world and the ability to observe closely. In addition, art requires a passion to take what one sees and experiences and render it in some personal form. In Merridee’s case, this form is painting on silk and working with fiber. She feels her science background has had a strong impact on her interest in a representational style. Merridee is honored to have her studio in the beautiful old Carnegie Library in Auburn, California.

Silk Painting

As a silk painter, Merridee’s particular passion is painting flowers. “Silk painting is an excellent medium for capturing the colors, patterns and iridescence of flowers. I apply colors using liquid dyes that flow across the silk. Brilliant colors move and blend in ways that can be unexpected and beautiful. It feels as though the dyes, silk and I are collaborating on the final painting, and it can be an exhilarating experience.” Merridee has been experimenting with incorporating rozome, shibori and Indonesian batik techniques into her paintings. She was one of ten artists chosen to display a 9’x 3’ silk banner in the United States Botanical Garden Conservatory for the 2004 “Orchids, Beauty and Beyond” exhibit, cosponsored by the USBG and the Smithsonian Institution. Examples of her work can be seen in Susan Louise Moyer’s book, Silk Painting for Fashion and Fine Art. She is honored to have been designated a Master Silk Painter by her peers in Silk Painters International.


Merridee is working with wool, silk and other fibers to create works that represent earth forms, images of the sea and lava. She is thrilled with the tactile quality of the work and the quality of the medium that allows spontaneity or careful planning. She has particularly enjoyed fashioning molten lava, the series inspired by Madam Pele, out of fiber. 

Printing and Dyeing with Natural Materials

Merridee is exploring using natural materials such as leaves, berries, roots and bark, to create colors and patterns on cloth. This exploration suits her training as a chemist as well as her love of painting flowers and is rooted in her passion for gardening and visiting botanical gardens. She finds it so satisfying to use the materials around us (and a little chemistry) to create beautiful cloth!



Auburn Old Town Gallery

Big Island Glass



Affiliations OLAS, Old Library Art Studios

Surface Design

Silk Painters International