Friday, April 6, two receptions!

The Crow Show

First Friday Closing Reception: 6-9pm

Sparrow Gallery, 1021 R Street, Sacramento

I will be attending this event! It is a fascination show. I hope you can join us.

Loomis Loop

Preview Show: 6-9pm

Embellishments, 1021 Lincoln Way Auburn

Join the artists of the Loomis Loop!

The Crow Show

March 10 - April 18, 2018

Sparrow Gallery

1021 R Street, Sacramento

Join me at the Second Saturday Opening Reception!

PlacerArts Studios Tour

 November 10-12, 2017, 10am to 5pm

Old Library Art Studios (OLAS)

175 Almond Street, Auburn

Join Keith and me at my studio as we show our latest works. This is truly a fun event! Join us.

 Introduction to Botanical Printing on Cellulose Fibers

Sponsored by the Sacramento Center for the Textile Arts

June 10 - June 11, 2017

Shepard Garden and Art Center

This workshop is suitable for participants who have had a class or previous experience in botanical printing on silk and wool. We will discuss fabric preparation and the use of mordants to get the prints to strongly adhere to the fabric. Cellulose fibers are not as receptive to printing with natural materials as are protein fibers, therefore additional preparation steps must be taken to obtain good results. Participants will learn how to place the botanical materials on the fabric, roll and tie them into bundles, and steam or simmer the bundles. We will all then have the pleasure of opening them and seeing the magic!

Participants will have the opportunity to practice the techniques, experiment with different fabrics and plant materials, and document results, thus creating the start of a notebook for future reference. They will print scarves, then other items of their choice, perhaps fabric, a cotton shirt or an item from a thrift shop. Stunning botanical prints with beautiful color subtleties and patterns are our goal!

This workshop is full.


Great Group in Mendocino!

Exploring Botanical Printing on Protein and Cellulose Fibers

Mendocino Art Center, May 5 - May 8, 2017

While the wind blew a gale outside, our five students produced beautiful prints in the studio. Our thanks to all of you for your attention, hard work, enthusiasm and fun!

My thanks to Dale Moyer for some of the photos.

Examples of work on both protein and cellulose fabrics

Rene's printed cotton displayed with her metal leaf artwork - lovely!

Join us for the PlacerArts Studios Tour!

Keith and I will be showing at my studio in the

Old Library Art Studios, OLAS, 175 Almond Street, Auburn

November 11, 12 and 13, 2016 from 10 to 5 each day

Botanical Printing on Silk and Wool

Sacramento Center for the Textile Arts

September 3 and 4, 2016 from 10 to 4 each day

 On Day 1, students will focus on exploring printing on silk and wool fibers using iron and/or alum as mordants. Participants will learn ways to place, roll and tie the samples into bundles. They will simmer the bundles to make the prints, then have the pleasure of opening them and seeing the magic! Day 2 is slated for personal exploration. Students will have time to experiment with different plant materials, then will print two scarves and other items of their choice. Stunning botanical prints with beautiful color subtleties and patterns are our goal!

Please note: This workshop is currently full. For more information, contact Diana Bosley at, or 916.736.2014.

Mendocino Class!

A great group of enthusiastic students who did beautiful work!


Introduction to Botanical Printing on Protein and Cellulose Fibers

May 6–8, 2016 Friday–Sunday, 9:30am–4:30pm

Mendocino Art Center

Lovely botanical prints can be produced on natural fibers: wool, silk, cotton, linen and others using plant materials found growing in our forests and back yards. This is a fascinating process, with much current exciting innovation. Come join us for an exciting three days!  Mendocino will be gorgeous in May, and there should be many botanical materials we can experiment with.

Please note that MAC has a scholarship fund to support students. In order to apply for a scholarship, get in touch with Karen Bowers, MAC Education Director

Click below for more information about the class and how to register.

Mendocino Art Center - More Class Information


Natural Dyeing and Printing Class

What a fabulous group of talented, engaged and enthusiastic students we had in our class in Mendocino!

Workshop at Mendocino Art Center!

Come join in the fun of discovery! My husband, Keith, and I have taught this class both in Mendocino, California and Volcano, Hawaii. We have had great experiences with exciting printing and dyeing, and enjoying the wonderful folks in the class and beautiful surroundings.

 For more information, visit: Mendocino Art Center


Workshops with Irit Dulman

I just completed two workshops with excellent fiber artist, Irit Dulman. (To see images of her amazing work, visit Gaia's Echo.) We learned how to make a felted clutch with complex texture and new dyeing and printing techniques Irit has been developing. It was fast, busy, complex and SO worthwhile!


Just out of the dye bath - wool printed with eucalyptus leaves and iron, dyed with cochineal


Felted clutch bag with complex texture


Beautiful madder bath